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April 6th, 3:20am]
I want to be cool like Amy so leave me awesome comments. And please, don't bore me.
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September 4th, 9:05pm]
I seriously just dont even know what to say here.


Remove Ryan.
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January 11th, 7:26pm]

friends only for members of after_celebrity

there's a big empty space in this tiny bed a stash of love notes hidden and waiting to be read my busy city waits curling in your hair the unwashed shirt you wore my teddy bear any pain from our past just a seasonal trend such a fad fades into our love in the end

would you come and never leave? so that we can retreat and just bask in the fact that you make me complete? again and again I kiss you the world around us never stood a chance I'm burning within on fire alive and crying out for this romance

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