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r_gosling's Journal

Ryan Gosling
12 November 1980
New Keywords are finished. You need to do mine. I wanna have sex soon so hurry with those keywords okay?

Chriss <3

nikki_deloach_ made this because she loves me

I followed daylight right into the dark
Took to the hatter like a walk in the park
But then I met her yeah she felt so right No child of the night yeah was she
They call her sunshine The kind that everybody knows
Sunshine She's finer than a painted rose
Her kind of love is what I adore What kind of trouble am I in for
My kind of heaven lies in hells back door And I got more than I need
Cause I need sunshine The kind that everybody knows
My sunshine she's finer than a painted rose

[[So apparently the diclaimers throughout this journal weren’t obvious enough. Thank you to the United States of Leland message boards for pointing that out. Sorry guys, this isn’t real. But hey, thanks for stopping by :* ]]